Switch Wallet Case - Galaxy S20 FE

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Tired of having too many things to carry? Our 3-in-1 Switch Wallet provides you a wallet, car mount and protective case to be carried with you, from your daily commutes to your travels around the world. Switch between the car mount, wallet, and case, within minutes allowing you to focus on the more important things in life. Viewing stand design allows you to watch movies, read documents, or video call your loved ones with ease.

Antimicrobial Case: A layer of antimicrobial protection on your Switch Wallet case fights against 99.9% germs & bacteria. The antimicrobial coating additives have undergone extensive independent laboratory testing, establishing their safety to use in everyday life.  

Detachable Magnet: The inner case and wallet are easy to combine and can be removed with the same ease because of the magnet. 

Ergonomic Design: This case has been designed to give your fingers and hands more tactile control while making calls, texting or using your phone.

Screen & Camera Protection: Our switch wallets have a raised lip for the lens and bezel of the screen to protect your camera, flash, and screen against scratches when placed face down.

Sleek Stylish Design:  Our Switch Wallet Case is slim and lightweight, while still serving a multi-functional purpose of being a wallet and car mount in one. Our thin magnetic case design (without wallet attachment) allows for uninterrupted wireless charging.